Instructions for joining the mobile-friendly chat via Android and iOS devices are found below chat.

Install the ChatWING app by tapping on the appropriate image below:


iOS Instructions to add The Look 24/7

  1. Tap “Add account – Log In”
  2. Login in with either your ChatWING, Facebook or Twitter account.
  3. Tap “Lobby,” then search “The Look 24/7”
  4. Add it to your “Bookmarks” via the top-right … menu
  5. When in chat, you can view online users by tapping on the top-right menu.
  6. To find The Look 24/7 in the future, tap on “Bookmarks”

Android Instructions to add The Look 24/7

  1. Tap “Log In – Log In”
  2. Login with either you ChatWING, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, Tumblr, or Guest account.
  3. Tap “Search for a chat box” then search “The Look 24/7” then tap “The Look 24/7”
  4. Chat should add automatically to your bookmarks.
  5. To view online users, tap the people icon second from the right.
  6. To find The Look 24/6 in the future, tap “Bookmarks”