Welcome to The Look 24/7!

Founded in 2011 by Jules Sherred and launching June 1, 2011, The Look 24/7 promises to be the best interactive radio experience any where.

Jules is no stranger to entertainment. Jules has spent the majority of their life within the industry. Having worked on many entertainment projects, including radio, Jules decided to launch The Look 24/7 after realising their vision would never be accomplished unless building it them self. Not only does Jules want to provide quality entertainment, fit for any one, any where, Jules wants to provide the necessary tools to allow others to realise their own dreams; giving back the opportunities provided.

Whether you want to listen to a radio talk show, an all request show or shows with very eclectic mixes of music, including wonderful independent musicians, you will  find it here. Not only will you find your favourite programming on The Look 24/7, you can also interact with the personalities and other listeners in the smartphone compatible chatroom. To make the interactive experience even easier, we are mobile. You can listen in WinAmp, iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or listen to us on your smartphones and iDevices, leaving you free to do other things while you are tuned in and interacting. Aside from our mobile options, you can tune-in via the flash player, found in the left sidebar. You can also email each individual personality during the week with your requests, suggestions, feedback or just to say hi. Talk shows and interviews will also be made available as a podcast, giving you the freedom to listen when your schedule allows.

The times we do not have a live on-air personality, The Live 24/7 mix plays aka the AutoDJ, providing the world with around-the-clock entertainment. A very eclectic mix of music, if you have a song you think should be added to the mix, please feel free to email the station and request that it be added to the AutoDJ.

Some of our programming highlights include:

  • Jules Sherred from Duncan, British Columbia. Jules will be playing a little bit of everything and introducing you to many fabulous independent musicians. From a mixed genre show on Mondays to an all Canadian show on Fridays, Jules has something sure to entertain you. Also, Jules’ popular Geeky Pleasures radio show will air Friday nights. You will not want to miss out on the geeky discussions, interviews with some of your favourite geeks, the wide variety of music and chair dancing.
  • Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb from Dundee, Scotland. With Joe, you never know what to expect. Always engaging his listeners and quick with the wit, this Scotsman is multi-talented and very easy on the ears. With many years of experience in multiple areas of the media, his shows are always a crowd favorite. Catch him on Saturdays as he does his thing and introduces you to music you’ve not likely heard.
  • Orev Deniker aka DJ Silvertouch from Glasgow, Scotland. Orev knows how to entertain his audience by providing them with 4 hours of their requests. Whether it be silly songs about unicorns or the latest pop hit, Orev has you covered. Always eager to please, catch Orev Thursdays with his Thursday Night Renegade show.

If there is something specific (genre, show idea) you want to hear on The Look 24/7, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. We endeavour to do our best to provide you with the entertainment you want to hear.

The Look 24/7: A world of music and talk. Look. Listen. Stay.

The Look 24/7‘s parent company is WarmLand Productions.